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CISD Guiding Documents

CISD Guiding Documents


CISD Vision

We aspire to create a caring climate, empowering independent future leaders.


CISD Mission

Our mission is excite and challenge students to realize their full potential.


CISD Belief Statements

Rules, Roles, and Relationships

We believe that fair discipline and strong administration are the foundation of a successful educational community – including staff, students, parents, and community members.


Purpose of Schools

We believe that through communication, CISD will be a safe place for students to be given appropriate structures to prepare them for the real world and give them opportunities to give back to their community.


Systems and Continuous Improvement

We believe that the teacher makes the curriculum come alive.


Family and Community

We believe that effective communication between family, community, and school is vital to building an effective learning environment.



We believe that students’ most basic needs must be met before they can effectively learn.


Ability of Students to Learn

We believe that although students learn at different rates, ALL can learn when presented with multiple opportunities.


Opportunity to Learn

We believe students are given the opportunity to learn when the environment is infused with discipline, structure, student involvement, and fun, challenging activities.


Focus of School Activity

We believe the focus of school activities should be to provide purposeful activities (Academic and Extracurricular) to enhance teamwork and leadership skills toward the end goal of developing students that are prepared for the real world.