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News ➤ Article 12628
CISD Ranks BEST in Region XV

Posted Date: 08/02/2017

The Apples2Apples comparison tool presents information about student progress and educational costs to facilitate comparisons among schools and school districts.

It is called Apples2Apples to highlight the importance of making adjustments for factors—like differences in student need or labor costs—that influence performance and spending but are outside of the control of school districts.

With that being said, here are the latest TX Smart School scores for this year. This is the old FAST report that the Comptroller did. It tries to tie scores to money spent, or did you get bang for your buck. As with all of these recognitions, there are flaws in the methodology (it probably could be better)


As of August 2014, the Texas Education Agency oversees 1,247 public school districts, open enrollment charter schools, juvenile justice districts, Texas School For the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Texas School For the Deaf. More than 5 million students are currently enrolled in Texas schools--TEA

Here is how CISD stands:

  • 46 districts got 5 stars
  • 86 districts got 4.5 stars (CISD received 4.5 stars)
  • They say our kids scored better than 96% composite score. That means our kids scored better than 96% of their peers in Texas, which ties us for 36th among all districts.

We were best in ESC 15. Wall also received 4.5 stars, but only received a 90% composite score.

Congratulations to everyone at Comstock ISD!!!